espo.jpgHello friends! I am Alex Esposito, founder and editor of Euphoric Eats. I am a graduate of Rutgers University; I majored in Journalism and Media Studies, with a minor in Digital Communication. I hope to build a creative brand that I can build a career out of. I am also an alum of Rutgers’ very own student radio station, 88.7 WRSU-FM. I did play-by-play for the university’s football team, as well as for men’s and women’s basketball games. As an avid fan of all types of music, I also hosted a weekly show called “The Espo Experience”.

My interests, besides food and sports, are music, exercise, and photography, among other things. They are each a huge part of my daily life and I don’t know where I’d be without them!

Julian Jimenez

Always down to eat and always looking for a good value—at least that’s the plan. What’s up everybody… I’m here to bring the site an authentic and honest opinion about the foods we talk about. Most of the time I’ll be too freakin’ busy to even remember what the food tasted like the day after, but I hope to give you all a play-by-play of what the taste is like. We’re aiming to build a brand, but also a relationship with the people whose food we’re eating. After all, we think the best way to understand and enjoy the food is to hear what the people behind it have to say. We want to know what goes on in the process of their cooking. We want to dive into the secret recipes and find gems from all across the city for great food, and of course, value.

We’re not sure where this is headed, but it feels like it’s about to be a hell of a ride…