The main reason as to why I started this blog is simple: I love food. It is the most wonderful thing on earth. It gives us the fuel and energy we need to go about our days, but more importantly, it is an experience that is meant to be enjoyed with every bite!

Nothing brightens my mood quite like a delicious meal after a hard day’s work. Life can be an everyday struggle, so we owe it to ourselves, to, well…treat ourselves!

I hope to review my experiences at all the eateries this world has to offer. I used to be a broke college student in New Brunswick, and now I am a broke college graduate living in the Big Apple. So, for the foreseeable future, you won’t be hearing about any trips to five-star steakhouses, lavish dinner cruises, and the like. As I grow in life, though, I hope this site does the same. This is the beginning of a lifelong culinary odyssey and I hope you’ll enjoy the ride as much as I do.



Website header created on Photoshop, images attributed to 1 and 2.



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  1. Mamadukes says:

    good luck!!


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