Collaboration for a Cause

Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons


Hello friends, and welcome back to Euphoric Eats! I hope you enjoyed my recent podcast; I am pleased to announce an upcoming collaborative campaign with several of my classmates’ blogs! I will be working with Ariel Schabes of WX Central, Miao Wang of ExploreDiversity, and Taylor Brooks of Soundblast. We are going to be publishing a series of posts on Elijah’s Promise, a great local organization which fights poverty through the power of food.

Since our websites cover a range of diverse topics, we are focusing on an issue with a broad impact: fighting hunger. Our campaign will produce several pieces of content providing information about Elijah’s Promise, as well as calls to action. On my site, I hope to provide a podcast on the ways to get involved in the fight against hunger, including various causes promoted by the organization. Euphoric Eats will also be hosting guest posts from my classmates, so be sure to stay tuned for upcoming content. 

Don’t forget to check out any of the above links for more information!


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