Looking Forward


Welcome back to Euphoric Eats! These last few weeks have been insanely busy for me so I haven’t gotten around to producing any food-related content lately. Midterms are EVIL, I tell ya!

At any rate, spring break starts next weekend for me, so once school’s temporarily out of session, I hope to finally publish a couple articles. Guess I’ve been doing too much eating and not enough writing  -____-

This brief podcast from Soundcloud features me offering a sneak peak at some upcoming content I hope to feature. Recording audio is always a simple task, but including background music takes a bit more work. Splicing the clips together can be quite the technical process.

To find music you can use on your site without encountering copyright violations, the best place to go is the Free Music Archive. You can download MP3s free of charge!

There were certainly some obstacles encountered along the way; since I have a MacBook, I had a little trouble with the Audacity recording program. It wouldn’t let me export my project as an MP3 without downloading a plugin, the LAME encoder.

Maybe it was the fact that I’ve been on the road for much of the past week, but I kept having to start and stop working because my free time was so sparse. Actually, it might have helped me because I didn’t have to do everything at once…

I don’t think I’ll be mastering the next Grammy winning album, but I think I did a pretty solid job with my Soundcloud project. I will surely be using it [Soundcloud] more often; I host my own music show on the radio so it makes sense for me to post a stream of my show online. For all to hear: friends, family, and who knows…employers?

Soundcloud and Audacity are great programs that I had used previously, but this assignment definitely expanded my knowledge of both. I’m hoping that my site will benefit as a result!


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