Work in Progress!

I was hoping to come out with a new restaurant review by now, but time has not been my friend lately. Not that it ever really is…

Anyway, check out this (not) awesome new header I added to the site! It’s been a work in progress the last couple of days, as you can clearly see. I am still having trouble figuring out how to resize the dimensions. I was hoping to have it solved by today’s class, but editing has been a difficult process to navigate thus far; I thought Pixlr might be simpler but it has proven to be just as complicated. You would think for an online application it might be simpler in terms of its interface, but it has just as many “bells and whistles”, if you will, as other programs like Photoshop.

Speaking of Photoshop, I thought I had done a good job of editing my header as I was preparing to upload it to WordPress. I made sure to match up my dimensions with the suggestion from WordPress (1280 x 444), and had selected two images which were safe for noncommerical reuse. I resized and rearranged the individual layers, except when it was time to merge them all onto one document, my image always turned to black and white. After some online troubleshooting, I realized that the B+W color scheme is actually a nice fit for my website, so I kept it. So when does the trouble come in?

When I got to the part of actually uploading it onto my website, I ran into the issue of the image being cut off. The word “Euphoric” is visible, but not “Eats”. This continued to be a problem for me because I STILL couldn’t fix it after going into Photoshop and making the image smaller; it took a bit of trial and error before things looked right.

Finally, my header is now in place. Now if I could just put out some content…


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