The Return

Well, it’s been quite some time but Euphoric Eats is back in business! Thanks to my Strategic Presentation class, my blog is now my schoolwork!

I had some struggles getting familiar with WordPress; the last time I had used it was the summer. It was a little frustrating at first, but after playing around with some new themes I finally found a look that is suitable for the website. Too bad the better ones cost money :/

Anyway, I am hoping that my return to EE will allow the site to prosper as it once did for a brief time many ages ago…(just kidding, it’s only been a year). There’s plenty of places to write about, and I’m always hungry!

With that in mind, I am expanding my site to feature a recipe of the week in addition to my restaurant reviews. I’ve also contemplated reviewing foods from the ballparks and cities I’ve visited throughout my travels.

I hope to have a new post up fairly soon, hopefully within the next week. For now, enjoy these pictures which are best referred to as “food porn”. The first dish is bean dip my mother and I made for the NFL playoffs; I hope to share the recipe with y’all as soon as I can. The other dish is the buffalo wing potachos I had at Stuff Yer Face, so stay tuned for a review!

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