Euphoric Eat: Costa Chica Restaurant

If you’re looking for an authentic Mexican dining experience, look no further. Located just off Handy Street, it is a bit of a hike if you live near campus. However, they have a decently sized parking lot so if you have your own transportation I would certainly take advantage of that.

Kelly and I made the trek by foot, and as soon as we came into the restaurant (but not without a few unforeseen detours!), we knew we made the right decision. From the Mariachi band walking around playing songs for everybody, to the employees greeting us in Spanish, it was an infusion of culture that was quite refreshing.

Even more refreshing, though, was the bottle of Mexican Coke I drank. I’m at a Mexican restaurant, so, hey–why not go all the way?

Our complimentary order of chips and salsa was promptly devoured, and Costa Chica, bless their heart, offered us unlimited refills. What a deal!

We made it through another helping of chips and salsa before our main dishes arrived. Kelly got some type of quesadillas, and after she was once again unable to finish, I munched on them until I called it quits myself.

But not before I chowed down on my entree, the Enchiladas Doña Estela. The name is majestic in and of itself. Anyways, the enchiladas, complete with both molé and verde sauces, were phenomenal. My signature hum-while-eating-if-it-tastes-good was out in full force.

In what seems to be a recurring theme for these reviews, we were once again unable to order dessert, as our stomachs were fuller than the Turnpike in rush hour. At least the long walk home helped us digest our food a little easier.

I would go as far as to call this place one of the best-kept secrets in New Brunswick. With affordable prices and large portions, it truly is a bang for your buck. If you enjoy a diverse ethnic cuisine, a friendly atmosphere, and most of all, terrific food, Costa Chica is the place for you!


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