Euphoric Eat: Barndoore


I may have only been to Barndoore about three or so times since hearing about it, but let me tell you, if this place accepted meal swipes I would be eating there every day.

Located right near the heart of the Easton Avenue bar scene, it was only a short trek by foot from my apartment before my friend, Yash, and I made it to this lovely little corner eatery.

After picking up a menu, my mind ran amok. This tends to happen to me when I am faced with the angst of not knowing what to choose when there are many great options on the table. At Barndoore, the possibilities are endless, with classics such as quesadillas, mac n’ cheese, and turkey BLTs, to more unique options, such as Korean bulgogi tacos and Thai chili chicken tenders.

Now I’m not one to watch what I eat (thanks ultra-fast metabolism!), but if you are looking to cut back on the unhealthy foods, Barndoore still has options for you. With a variety of salads and gourmet deli sandwiches, any eater would be hard-pressed to find something they didn’t like. Take note: the veggie quesadillas are next level.

For your inner gastronome, Barndoore’s appetizer section is the right place to go. Seasoned garlic shoestring fries. Guinness-battered onion rings with sriracha aioli. Need I say more?

I think I will. If you eat like a horse, then the All-American cheeseburger wrap might just be the choice for you. Complete with fries, bacon, and a homemade remoulade sauce, this one is a surefire half-hour bathroom trip waiting to happen.

My culinary comrade, Yash, could certainly attest to the aforementioned burger wrap’s greatness. His selection of the sandwich was validated in the very first bite. Covered in a house-made remoulade sauce, it was only a matter of time before the juicy, cheesy, beefy goodness was gone. But not before I managed to acquire a taste for myself. It was absolutely delicious, but it came at a price.

It cost me a bite of my sandwich in return, the grilled chicken portabella sandwich. Now I was going to snap a picture of it so I could post it in the review, but I never got the opportunity, as I pretty much inhaled the sandwich.

This sandwich had me humming in enjoyment with every bite, with divine toppings such as balsamic portabella mushrooms, fresh mozzarella, grilled vidalia onions, baby arugula, and my favorite, the basil pesto aioli.

After wolfing down our meals, Yash and I contemplated milkshakes before calling it quits. They’d got enough of our money for today and besides, we were stuffed.

It certainly won’t be my last time here, though.

While it isn’t the cheapest spot in town if you’re looking to chow down, it is a nice place to venture to every once in a while, and it sure beats going to the dining hall again. Barndoore provides a vast array of dining options sure to leave a lasting impression on both you and your taste buds.

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  1. Lauren says:

    Good job Al! When did this place open? I’ve never heard of it!


    1. alleyola says:

      Hey, sorry I never got back to you! I’m not quite sure when it opened, but if you’re ever looking for a nice lunch in town, Barndoore’s the spot!


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